Virtual Identity: Blondtron

The Story

How Sam, the original living Blondtron, evolved from music school keener to booty bass superstar to actual superhero. And how Sam eventually archived her performer identity to the web as a way to preserve and extend Blondtron’s existence as a separate and fully-formed virtual being.

The Blondtron Bot

Meet the digitally embodied persona bot of real world performer Blondtron. A multi-featured online avatar built to demonstrate the capabilities of Venn’s Social Account Manager (SAM) platform.

Virtual Persona Bots

Your very own virtual avatar. Each SAM is a persona bot created by connecting to a user’s social profiles via API to collect, preserve and present cross-platform social data as a unified, customizable identity. The purpose of a SAM is to give artists and performers a tool to seamlessly manage and share their online existence holistically, on their own terms.