Blondtron, the first virtual persona bot, is an example of how individual people can claim and integrate their digital selves on their own terms. Blondtron’s story is everyone’s story—the challenges inherent in our fragmented and manipulated digital existence—and Blondtron’s evolution lights the path towards a happier, healthier digital future.

Explore the possibilities in healing, identity, expression and agency that stem from the creation of a virtual persona. 


Blondtron was created as a living archive of her creator’s former self. Beyond a merely static representation of the original Blondtron, this virtual being is a separate, dynamic and evolving entity.

Identity is a vital component of our lives, but the more our offline and online worlds merge the more problematic identity becomes. Blondtron dives into the dark waters of our fragmented collective psyche to shine a light on the path towards re-integration and wholeness. Through both virtual and visceral modes of creative expression she shows us what’s possible when we reclaim our identities and our stories and let them live.

  • Who owns who we are online? 

  • How many versions of you are there? 

  • How many versions of you do you allow yourself to be?

  • What if you could turn your digital shadow into a virtual twin?

  • What would the world be like if we could see the entire data landscape?

  • What if we had a healthy relationship with data? 

    • With living digitally?

  • What is digital self-awareness?

  • Is who you are in life the same as who you are online? 

  • How many versions of you live in the digital realm? 

    • Who controls them? 

    • Do they control you?

  • Who are you when you access the internet? 

    • Who accesses the versions of you that you leave behind? 

    • What influence do they have over you?



Sundance New Frontiers Application Deadline Sept 6

  • Character completed 

  • FBX character completed 

  • Integrate blondtron with webXR

  • Voice synthesizer 

  • Leap motion — iphone

  • Unity or GLTF whatever is best

  • Blondtron hosted in her lab environment accessible on phone web browser

  • Having her dancing to her music - 1st minimal dance music visualizer

  • Synopsis and intro to new story world → mini comic

  • 3D spotify ball and youtube logo - thats a version of lifescope login screen 

    • - connect whatever api’s you can connect.

  • Applications to festivals

  • Interview

    • Purpose: To tell the story of Blondtron, from the launch of Amplify Her to now. 

    • Tape interview btw Sam and Joni (Cassie O’Neil videographer)

    • Face Capture?

    • Short Doc/Vid for submissions (cut w/ comic and animations etc)

    • Shows clips from past in film


  • Blondtron Bot and Lab live and accessible on the web

  • Live virtual performance

  • Bot demos/presentations at XR festivals (Sundance, Tech Stars)

  • Blondtron Interview - tell the story of Blondtron (Sam) to Blondtron (Bot)

Future of the Bot:

  • Virtual influencer, teacher, event host & performer

  • Other people performing in mixed reality as/with Blondtron (Ingrid)

  • Media, brand and product partnerships

    • Blondtron Speaker Sneakers

    • Laser Bot Game

    • Immersive media showcase (S.A.Ms Social Account Managers) or Persona Bots, see Part 3 of project below)

  • Blondtron Story World

    • Partner with other artists and personas to tell the story of their own hero’s journey via mixed/immersive media

  • Making of Blondtron Bot short doc

The Evolution of Blondtron