It’s always been about passion
Major appearances 
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Red Bull Music academy 
Identity Crisis 
    • Demands and pitfalls of having a public persona that rebukes cultural standards for femininity and female sexuality

    • Loss of organically built online following due to changes in platform streaming and social services (loss of linear timeline, monetization strategies)

    • Flagging and deleting - Losing your whole online self in one swoop

Amplify Her
  • Pivotal moment of development for Sam and her identity as a performer/human - self realization/actualization
  • Comic world of Blondtron (images & videos)
  • The creation of Blondtron the comic hero as a way to bring meaning to her journey and a purpose to her future
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Motion comic vid here need dif file type
    • Moving in new direction professionally with Venn

    • Archiving Blondtron, creating virtual version of her to live on and continue her journey in the metaverse

      • Triangle of well-being

      • Healing

The first Persona Bot

New Beginning 

Building out the Blondtron story world to explore the nature of identity in the digital realm

New comic

Story Summary:

When we first meet her, Sam is an inventor who has locked herself away to work in isolation on her latest invention. We learn that at an earlier time in her life Sam was a well-known performer, but that she left it all behind to pursue her passion for technology. The struggle to be taken seriously has been frustrating, and she has attracted the negative attention of a particularly awful person who is both jealous of her creativity and talent as an inventor and a colossal asshole. Their unrelenting harassment and sabotage has driven Sam into her lab to build an immersive combat training simulation so that she can learn to defend herself. 


The bot Sam builds of herself, named Blondtron, is the most detailed and true-to life digital being ever created. Containing 100s of gigabytes of biometric data and rich psychographics, the bot’s file is too big for her lab’s servers and in a fit of reckless frustration Sam uploads Blondtron to the cloud in order to run the training program. This is a huge mistake. The cloud is run by an evil adtech corp which, as soon as it discovers Blondtron’s presence on their servers, steals her data to create a grotesque and distorted “twin” of her. 


The evil twin’s influence over Sam is powerful. Using her intimate knowledge of Sam’s psyche the twin manipulates her emotionally, driving her towards increasingly self-destructive behaviours. On the brink of collapse, Sam programs Blondtron to defend her, giving the bot special powers and total autonomy, giving her essentially her own life—the only catch is that she must destroy the evil twin. 


In a battle royale, Blondtron faces off against the evil twin. The fight is harrowing and devastating blows are laid on each side. Summoning a hidden facet of her character that the twin could never have known about, Blondtron outwits the digital zombie and destroys her once and for all. She is free. 


BUT! As Blondtron surveys the metaverse, wondering what she might do with her new life, she sees the terrible truth of the digital world—it is populated by evil twins of EVERYONE in the real world, and they are all hard at work trying to destroy the happiness and well-being of their IRL counterparts. Blondtron returns to Sam in her laboratory to tell her. It’s urgent. They must find a way to help everyone they know defeat their evil adtech twins. 


Stay tuned for Part 2, where some of Sam’s friends build their own bots to defeat the evil adtech twins, only to draw the attention (and ire) of the… 4 DRONESMAN OF THE APOCALYPSE

Purpose of new comic: 

To introduce the new Blondtron story world



  • Motion comic

  • Print version of comic 

  • First Episode(more to come) (Pilot)


  • Sam (Inventor)

  • Blondtron (Training Bot)

  • Evil Adtech Twin 

  • Friends/Twins

  • Antagonists

    • Saboteur

    • 4 Dronesmen


  • Trailer/Teaser

  • Story outline - Joni/Sam

  • Character/Design Concepts - Katie

  • Script - Sam/Joni/Nicole?

  • Design concept - Kamp Grizz?

  • Storyboard - Katie 

  • Comic (illustration & copy in layout) - ?

  • Final digital version of comic shareable online - Nicole/ Chris Wyatt

  • Print-ready/printed version of comic complete - Nicole/Annie?​