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Hi! You’ve never heard of us because we were in STEALTH MODE until a couple months ago. Just minding our own business, building a game-changing safety training platform, when the global pandemic threw our future into uncertainty. 


In order to save our butts and do our part to help flatten the curve, we pivoted our training content from fires to viruses. The team hustled hard over the last few weeks and we’ve built a germ-awareness training game that we plan to offer to essential service organizations for free (c’mon, we’re good people, not predators). As we prepare to launch our new product and greet the world we need some help in these areas:

Venn.Agency needs support on a half-time basis with:

  • Illustration: We’re looking for someone who can communicate complex ideas visually. Someone who’ll cut our word counts in half and help people really SEE what we’re about. 

  • Brand identity: We have 2 companies and 3 training tools whose nascent look and feel are a WIP. We need someone who’ll join us in our creative sandbox and work with us to develop our visual identity.

Here's the deal:
Venn.Agency is looking for an Illustrator/Designer to help us change the world from the comfort of their own home. AKA Sweatpants HQ. 

The kinds of projects you’ll work on:

  • Communicating complex concepts in a visual way that is clear and engaging

  • Developing a unique library of custom icons

  • Developing our brand style using isometric design

  • Representing 3D work in 2D web in a way that is accessible and user-friendly

  • Illustrations and design for websites, games, blogs, social posts

Working with us be like:

  • Supportive, collaborative, creative atmosphere

  • Zero tolerance for prejudice, bigotry or hate against any groups

  • Flexible hours, pay that values your experience and skills

  • Potential for ongoing employment if the fit is good

How we work together:

Chat: Telegram

Meet: Zoom

Layout: Wix

Tasks: Asana
Feedback: keynote

Whomst we seek has VISION and strong PERSONAL AESTHETIC, loves BIG IDEAS and is PASSIONATE about their work. This person is comfortable being highly collaborative throughout the creative process. This person might be more than one person! We’re a very open minded bunch.

The right person for the job is:

Collaborative and driven; can take direction and work independently, but able to communicate and defend their vision to different disciplines, and iterate on feedback

Someone who understands our user types, is able to visually communicate our concepts, and can arrange design elements in an intuitive manner.

Able to create and drive Style Guides, define consistent design language, and adhere to industry standards and best practices.

If any part of this post has spoken to you, please get in touch. And if there’s a secret meme-lord lurking inside you, check out our other post for GSI Illustrator.

Knowledgeable with conventional design & prototype tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq, etc.

Experienced, with 3 + years proven ability to deliver high quality, innovative, and shippable self-contained GUI element packages to FE devs; a diverse portfolio is a bonus!

Someone with a basic understanding of FE programming languages (CSS, Javascript, etc.); if you can take on some coding to help our devs, that’s a definite plus!

Please note: We will not be a typical client, and we’re not going to send you away with a brief and wait for you to start blasting out deliverables. We’re all about being in process together and sharing ideas in a visual brainstorm way, defining the final outcome together. It may not be the normal process you’re used to but, if you feel like trying something different, you might just love working with us!

To Apply

Please contact Joni & Vanessa


Thank you!


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