Move Slow and Fix Things


Venn is a digital development lab driving human-centric innovation in technology. We approach today’s big problems with the thoughtfulness and care they deserve. 


Venn is the parent company of Loci. 

Safety Check

Smarter People. Safer Places.


No one knows how to read a map anymore, and no amount of signage is going to save you in a life-or-death situation. Safety Check uses groundbreaking neuroscience and an experiential learning interface to turn safety instructions into instinct.

Know Your Way

Loci’s mission is to make people smarter and safer wherever they go. We’re building a new generation of web tools designed to connect people to the places they’re in, bringing meaning, intelligence and awareness back into our lives. Our technology works in harmony with the human brain, empowering people to know what to do and where to go when it counts. 


Loci’s first in-market products, Safety Check and Safety CAPTCHA,  are focused on safety and emergency response.

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Safety Captcha

Smarter People. Safer Places.


You’ve never been here before. Do you know how to escape in an emergency? Safety CAPTCHA teaches life-saving evacuation information to people at one-time gatherings like concerts, sporting events, and festivals. 

Admin Portal

Loci’s Admin Portal gives safety officers and executives the ability to manage and audit safety training in their organization. Admins can easily create and customize safety training courses, distribute training assignments and report on training progress.

Seaspan Case Study

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