Loci Update

Fire Safety Application for 50 Pemberton

This summer we made some vital additions to the team (intros below) to help us move through our final development sprints and get ready to install Loci at 50 Pemberton. 

They dont care bout the details

just whats happening 

Notes on where we are at, 

screenshots of the backend? note it needs UI 

Loci Captcha

Captcha info 

video example?

Updated Loci

Intro Video 

Press play below for a preview

Notable meetings :

BC government or WorkSafe BC: ......?

North Vancouver Fire Department chief: Exploring .....

Contract Lawyers: Discussing best ways to contract out Loci product for Seaspan

Kim Hamilton - Senior Architect


Kim's credentials in software development are best in class:

  • CTO & Principal Architect at Learning Machine

  • Lead Architect & Developer for Blockchain Certificates

  • MIT Researcher at Digital Credentials Initiative


Aleksander - Graphic designer

We were so inspired by Aleks' website and portfolio, we knew he was the right person to develop Venn's visual identity. His experience with visual branding is dynamic and experimental - just like us!

Armando - UI Designer

Armando's many years of experience in 3D, VR, web and game design made him an obvious  choice . He's focusing on the look and feel of our fire safety game, making it look great and easy to use.


Gregg - UX Designer

Gregg has over 16 years of experience in award winning game design (Walking Dead, Marvel Contest of Champions). He's a valuable asset for his ability to  take complex interfaces and and make them user friendly. 


Full-stack Javascript Developer


In order to finalize our MVP we need one last Developer. Please put us in touch with anyone that can help! 

Job Description:

Strictly Biz

US Company


The E2 visa application effort is underway. An immigration attorney has been hired to prepare documentation and provide guidance throughout the process. Targeting an application submission within the next month.

The company is now registered to

be an employer in California, and a payroll system has been implemented in preparation for hiring full-time employees when needed.



Accounting and filing U.S Federal and California taxes has been brought up

to date and completed. Canadian business accounting is in the

final stages of clean-up; expecting

an on-time tax filing.

A new budgeting method is being adopted, along with standardized bookkeeping and accounting processes. This will allow for greater transparency into budget forecasting compared

with actuals. Going forward, our budget will roll down into project-specific resource plans, giving greater

insight into our progress relative

to committed resources.

"On behalf of myself and the whole team, thanks a trillion for your faith and support. We're building something incredible and we couldn't do it without you!"

- Sam

Venn Estate

Shelving this product - DO WE NEED THIS