Venn.Agency needs a UI Designer on a half-to-full-time basis to help visually communicate and build a new generation of web tools, designed to be intuitive for users, that make people safer and more intelligent. Our work follows the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity, and we aim to make tech that respects people and makes their lives actually better.

UI Designer Job Posting

Working with us be like:

  • Supportive, collaborative, creative atmosphere

  • Zero tolerance for prejudice, bigotry or hate against any groups

  • Flexible hours, pay that values your experience and skills

  • Potential for ongoing employment if the fit is good

How we work together:

Chat: Telegram

Meet: Zoom

Layout: Wix

Code: GitHub

Venn.Agency is based in Los Angeles, CA. The ideal candidate is LA-based, available to work in-office ~1 day/week and attend daily check-ins by video chat.

The kinds of projects you’ll work on:

  • Web-based captcha style games that teach people fire exit locations and other safety info

  • Representing 3D work in 2D web in a way that is accessible and user-friendly

The right person for the job is:

Someone who understands our user types, is able to visually communicate our UX, and can lay out all screen info and elements in an intuitive manner

Collaborative and driven; can take direction and work independently, but able to communicate and defend their vision to different disciplines, and iterate on feedback

Able to collaborate with the UX designer and others on mapping out all screen mockups based on UX flows; we want your expertise to poke holes in design and call out new edge cases

Able to define all applicable button states, warning and error states, etc.

Able to create and drive Style Guides, define consistent design language, and adhere to industry standards and best practices for individual products

Someone with a basic understanding of FE programming languages (CSS, Javascript, etc.); if you can take on some coding to help our devs, that’s a definite plus!

Knowledgeable with conventional design & prototype tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq, etc.

Experienced, with 3 + years proven ability to deliver high quality, innovative, and shippable self-contained GUI element packages to FE devs; a diverse portfolio is a bonus!

Able to collaborate with the FE developer on implementing screens, and troubleshooting UI issues in our product builds

Adept at creating scalable solutions for user considerations such as unique generated content, localization, color blindness settings, etc. - Accessibility is key!

To Apply

Please contact Vanessa Dayton,


Thank you!