Initial 50 Pemberton drill exercise using QR codes is on track for a June deployment. Preparations are underway for meeting with North Vancouver District Fire Dept and Seaspan's Safety Director Mark Corderre near the end of May or early June.

50 Pemberton evacuation exercise app will be delivered in 3 formats:

  • 1st a QR code-based walking drill (MVP, 1st product to market available Q3, easy to use, lowest cost)

  • 2nd a Mobile-based evacuation game (easiest to deploy across multiple platforms)

  • 3rd a VR experience game (immersive virtual training, best for specialized skill share)

These 3 formats will:

  1. Prove out our offerings at scale

  2. Provide demo for pitches to other market opportunities (i.e. stadium, arena)

  3. Help us evaluate the pros, cons, and costs of these various formats

Operations offices at 50 Pemberton

Joni and Mark observing fire drill at Seaspan

Demonstration of 50 Pemberton mobile based evacuation game

Venn Estate

Joni & Mark observing the fire drill at Seaspan

QR code-based walking drill intro video V1

Website V1 launched in March:


Development of fully loaded Lake House and Race House demos for business development is still underway.

Trained Laura while scanning beautiful Jonathan Novak Gallery.

Developed comprehensive onboarding documentation for field reps.

BC government: Forming partnership to build our credentials compatible with the BC ledger of registered businesses.

US Department of Homeland Security: Exploring RFPs by DHS Innovation Fund

Solid/MIT: Discussing credential interoperability with Tim Berners-Lee (father of the internet) and team.

Notable meetings in Q2:

Vanessa Dayton!


She’s been a non-stop force of nature building out team process and operations. Our efficiency is increasing daily thanks to her excellent project management skills.


Alex McKelley & Shaw Walters

I had the pleasure of working alongside Shaw and Alex at the Magic Leap Hackathon last fall as part of Lifescope’s grand prize-winning team.


Both have joined us on a part-time contract to work on game engine development. The mobile version is running smoothly and the VR headset experience will be ready sometime next week.

Strictly Biz

US Company


The E2 visa application effort is underway. An immigration attorney has been hired to prepare documentation and provide guidance throughout the process. Targeting an application submission within the next month.

The company is now registered to

be an employer in California, and a payroll system has been implemented in preparation for hiring full-time employees when needed.



Accounting and filing U.S Federal and California taxes has been brought up

to date and completed. Canadian business accounting is in the

final stages of clean-up; expecting

an on-time tax filing.

A new budgeting method is being adopted, along with standardized bookkeeping and accounting processes. This will allow for greater transparency into budget forecasting compared

with actuals. Going forward, our budget will roll down into project-specific resource plans, giving greater

insight into our progress relative

to committed resources.

"On behalf of myself and the whole team, thanks a trillion for your faith and support. We're building something incredible and we couldn't do it without you!"

- Sam