A platform-agnostic tool for artists to aggregate, maintain and display their online content, fan/follower and play/view metrics from multiple sources. Hold and keep data in the event a platform ceases to offer support for acquired performance metrics.


  • Platform where artists can build an EPK profile and connect to various platforms (Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, FB) 



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PART 3: The SAM Platform

Traditionally an Entertainers Press Kit is available for download on an artists website or sent by a talent agent or manager for booking. This is an old practice of sending a document, one that must be updated constantly to stay relevant and accurate. Furthermore, it requires an existing relationship. If the artist doesn’t know they are being considered, their proxy is Google.


An entertainer wants to communicate the size of their fan base and level of fan engagement with their music and videos online. These metrics determine their eligibility for awards and grants, as well as influence agents’ likelihood to book them for shows and festivals. Currently, all content platform metrics are silo’d, platforms come and go (Vine, myspace), and artists have largely moved away from maintaining costly and time-consuming websites where they would manually aggregate this info. It seems simpler to have a Facebook fan page but engagement is hard to generate organically, artists must pay to reach audiences, which many realize too late, always on the catch up of marketing trends). The Junos selection process includes checking the engagement metrics of artist’s Facebook, soundcloud and spotify but not instagram, or snapchat, this is an opaque and unfair practice born of ignorance to shifting trends and platforms 


A persistent Decentralized ID could connect to APIs on all content platforms (Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Vine, Youtube, Twitch, VRChat, Vimeo, Facebook, IG etc) and artists could capture metrics from platforms and aggregate them into a kind of master view counter. Taking this one step further, a library of press links saved and pointed to would be an easy (and decentralized) way of managing relevant artist news. If a platform were to cease to exist or fall out of favour (Vine, Soundcloud, music blog, publication) engagement metrics and press accrued on those sites would still be counted/communicated.

Twitter's account verification, which marks a user's profile with the official blue verified tick badge, is given to highly sought celebrities and public figures or those at risk of impersonation, to establish authenticity of identities. Currently there is no way for the general user to get Twitter verified. Unlike Google managed presence, and verified by twitter there is no one platform that can easily show accurate and up to date stats and information in real time. A basic social media dashboard could easily aggregate and verify metrics to the self sovereign ID of the entertainer holder or manager of entertainer presence (think of this as your key ring and wallet; things you manage that manage your access and credibility.) 

Ideally, this DID can stand as a signature and sovereign record managed by the artist, they connect whatever accounts and records they would like to have represent them. Ideally this is an entirely automated signature that could be used in the future as an autonomous representative of the artist. This would be a chosen proxy to google, an aggregate of information streams managed by the owner of that identity. Imagine clicking on the blue check representing a verified person, that check would bring up their stats and press library. Their representative AI could auto apply to gigs, or submit for awards or consideration. This DID could also be injected as metadata into avatars in social environments.


Blondtron, a DJ, producer, comedian and performing artist is a child of the web. From geocities to friendster to myspace to soundcloud and youtube, vine to periscope to instagram and facebook, twitter and twitch, her online persona has reached the far corners of the world. As the music marketplace evolved she struggled with understanding her audience and where to focus her outreach. Access to insight became ever more gated and confusing. Booking agents, journalists and special committees use google searches, and platform metrics to choose line-ups, grants, awards and more. But as the audience landscape is ever shifting, a key insight into a valuable chunk of that artists’ audience is often missed. Artists, audiences and the massive budgets of festivals all suffer from opaque representation of true reach. 

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