Aleksandar Kolev

:: Deliverables ::

  1. Brand guide 

  2. Website home page

  3. Portfolio 

:: Scope ::

Venn website and branding focus 

1st project create a visual Venn brand & style guide which includes: 

  • Mock ups of Venn’s website homepage Redo, 3 examples of ways we could go 

  • Colour swatches with colour codes & % of use breakdown

  • Logo do’s and don’ts (don’t tilt it)

  • Assets overview

  • Assets do’s and don’ts

  • Fonts, sizes and use notes

  • Keynote format? Then we can share relevant pages to relevant people or have style guide and brand guide sections on one wix page???

Overview & Objective

What are we making and why? Explain Venn and how we got to this conclusion.


Any special angles on the audience or client that will help the designer do a great job? Anything about Venn as a company, using our brand style, etc.


Who is going to be checking this website? In what context and why?


Potential Clients

Additional Info

Anything you want to share in the brief not covered in those sections (eg, character notes)

Key Takeaways

What must the audience think/feel/or understand after going through our website?

:: Resources ::

Pinterest Venn.Agency

Pinterest Venn style guide mood board

Style and brand guide example 

Websites were inspired by: Yours!

Venn colours

Design folder Assets|Imagery (Will share) 

Homepage website copy:​

As our digital and physical worlds continue to merge, we believe it’s vitally important to develop a digital ecosystem that works in harmony with the human brain, and that

respects the privacy and sovereignty of all individuals.


Our work combines 3D information modelling, groundbreaking neuroscience and human-centric design to make tools for learning, managing and sharing information.

Brand  & style guide examples

These are not our brand style, I m showing them as an example of how detailed and quality we want ours.